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About The Author
Born in Boston, Mass. Raised by a single parent (mother), eldest of 2 brothers & 1 sister. Growing up I just made sure my family was doing well, it's the root of true happiness in 
my heart and theirs. 

Writing to me is an escape, an art of expression, writing became my best friend & enemy, where my imagination can take me beyond reality and fantasy to feel my mind spinning and see images in front of me come and go is an emotion I embrace to the fullest.

This site is to attract poets, songwriters, musicians & more looking for Poems, and Lyrics. I want to expose my creativity and hopefully have someone sing my Lyrics, see
my poems in a hallmark card.

Ask, believe and receive

Jay Velez
My soul of shadow
 lays in the night,
 I see it leaving 
with out me moving, 
love lost in darkness, 
in presence of light
is to endure
my eyes feel,
my heart cries,
my shadow escapes me
 by Jay Velez 

all work Copyright by Jay Velez